What Does Your Bio Say About You?

  • Online branding
  • Social profile building
  • Article captions
  • Press kit
  • Stage introductions
  • Press interviews

These are just a few ways that your bio brands you. Sadly, most bios have the
effect of a sleeping pill.

Can you risk making yourself sound so boring?
Rewriting Your Bio

Watching these two free videos, professionals, executives of all types, and entrepreneurs, will review the process that creates a powerful branding bio. Uncovering, clarifying and communicating what makes you unique, understanding your attributes, strengths, values and passions, you can construct the story that gives new life to your bio. You will learn how can you write a bio when you don’t have an MBA, have never received any awards, and haven’t appeared on TV or radio or in magazines. Your bio must be anything but dull!

Build A Leading Brand, So Customers Follow

Creating a powerful iconic brand that withstands time is the hallmark of success for any company. With that kind of branding, you receive the greatest force that any company could want in marketing – brand evangelists. Want to cultivate brand evangelists? Then give them something to believe in. A brand is not about a logo. It’s not about a tagline. It is about the story that you tell. It is about the alignment of that story and customer experience.

Build A Leading Brand, So Customers Follow

Today’s customer is savvy. They won’t take your story at face value. They will judge you by your words and your actions. They will judge you by the culture of your company and the company you keep. They will look for the bridge between your story and theirs. They will look for the connection.

Build A Leading Brand, So Customers Follow

In today’s market, our customers are steering the ship. They tell us what they want, how they want it and when they want it. Listening to your audience is critical to modern marketing. Bridging the gap between your brand and your audience through meaningful relationships, genuine conversations and simple interactions is how Leili McKinley helps you build your brand.