Book Marketing Using Social Media: An interview with Author Brian Moreland

Aug 15th, 20091 Comment

Award Winning Horror Author Brain Moreland tells how he made his book an overnight success using social media.

A few highlights:

He started with a self published book and gained such a wide audience using social media, that a publisher picked up his book. He now has a mass paperback deal.

His book won a gold medal. Learn what specific steps he took to ensure that his book would be considered.

He shares his tips for authors who are also using social media for book marketing.

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One Response to “Book Marketing Using Social Media: An interview with Author Brian Moreland”

  1. Nicky Smith says:

    I’m a facebook friend of Author Brian Moreland and came to this interview through Brian’s facebook page.

    I’ve just studied Creative Writing with the Open University as the penultimate year of my honours degree, and for my final year will be attempting Advanced Creative Writing. I’ve been writing for some time now, but haven’t yet approached a literary agent. From what Brian says in the interview it seems that getting the professionals onboard early is part of what helps establish a person as an author as opposed to someone who simply enjoys writing.

    Enlightening to hear that authors are expected to self-publicise even when attached to a publisher, but if you think about it, we (people in general) tend to live our lives through social media and be much more media savvy than ever before. Facebook is full of sound-bites or vox pops of our daily lives.

    Oddly enough, video is part of my life, as it is with Brian, but as far as writing goes, the irony is – I hate editing my work.

    Listened to the whole interview, great stuff!

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