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Nov 18th, 20102 Comments

Facebook Pages are similar to user profiles, but instead they offer a way businesses to showcase their brands, services and products, plus give people an opportunity to connect with them. As an author, having a Facebook Page for your book is a wonderful way to let your readers share feedback, provide praise and engage with you as a writer. Just like it’s important for your book to stand out from others within your genre, knowing how to make your FB Page a cut above the rest is important too. 

Make sure that you post frequently. People want to hear about what you’re doing. If you’re writing your next book, developing plot lines or creating a new character, post about it. Same thing goes for book promotion. Tell your fans where you’ll be at your next book signing and create an incentive to get them to come down and support you. Keep your posts consistent and interesting. 

Facebook Pages have quite a bit of functionality beyond simple posting. One area in particular is video. Readers, and people in general, want to have their senses stimulated and there’s no better way to give them hot helping of sight and sound than with a well-crafted video. This is a prime spot to show off your video book trailers. Upload them and let your fans enjoy a peek at what you’ve got in the cooker. Consider filming a weekly journal that takes your fans through your life as an author. Lots of possibilities here. 

Getting you FB Page up and running is only one piece of the puzzle. Once you have a presence you’ll want to get others to know that you’ve arrived. Thankfully you can employ the services of FB advertising to capture the interest of your current fans and potential fans that are on the prowl for a good book to read. Like Google AdWords, you can create an affordable campaign that can be adjusted daily to ensure that you’re capturing the attention of the people you want. 

Lastly, there are a ton of great FB applications that you can incorporate into your FB Page. Look for applications like WeRead and share books that you’ve enjoyed as an author, plus the ones that you’ve written.

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