About the Identitype System

Identitypes carry on French philosopher Teilhard de Chardin’s wisdom that we are all “spiritual beings having a human experience.” The first step to understanding yourself (and thus your brand philosophy) is acknowledging that there is more to you than meets the eye. The Identitype System weaves together spiritual, psychological, behavioral, and energy traditions to pinpoint who you are, where you’ve been, and how to begin the journey toward where and who you are meant to be.

What makes the Identitype System so different is its complex construction. No other branding system has combined such diverse philosophies to create a “living” model of the archetypal pieces that are inside us, and in everything we do.

Jung’s archetypes, for instance, described traits, but never codified them into more. Caroline Pierce codified them, but then stopped by only embracing some as positive and some as negative. Margaret Mark joined Pierce in trying to develop a business branding methodology that used Maslow’s Hierarchy; but instead of seeing the hierarchy as a progression, she used it as a polarity, pitting needs against one another. None of them interwove their systems with the storytelling of Joseph Campbell’s Power of Myth or the work of Chris Vogler and Michael Hague. Furthermore, no one has infused them with the core motivations found in Gamificaton (as seen in Yu Kai Chou’s work “Octalysis”).

Each Identitype has trajectories and energies that are defined by positive, stuck, and negative sides. This is what makes each of them so powerful for us. They can call us forward, motivating us; push us off center, keeping us stuck; or worse, they can drown us in our own darkness. These are not one-dimensional descriptions, but are complex representations that can even be mapped on the body through their correlating Chakra. Each Identitype represents part of an inward personal emotional journey, as well as an outward experiential journey.

Altogether, knowledge of your unique blend empowers you to align your personal brand, leadership platform, and business brand. That trifecta of alignment is what gives brands developed by The Identitype System the power to speak, and a reason to be heard.