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Social Media Training: Intro to Facebook

Mar 13th, 2010No Comments


What is the big deal about Facebook? It is now more popular than Google.  It has over 100 million users and still growing. It also means there is a large audience that is waiting to be tapped. So the best place to start with Facebook is to understand where the platform started and where the founders want it to go. This video discovers:

  • The latest incarnation of Facebook – what the founders are trying to do with it
  • Who is on Facebook – because that makes a difference to your marketing
  • 10 important facts about Facebook

If you are going to be marketing with Social Media, using Facebook is a must. Get to know why with this video.


Social Media Training: Facebook Pages

Nov 16th, 20091 Comment


Could your business use a dedicated ad on Facebook that says all kinds of great things about your business: including positive customer reviews, promotional videos and can develop a community of fans? Even better, it has an SEO impact linking from one of the internet’s top sites to yours! If so, then you need a Facebook Page.

This video lets you in on:

  • How to develop your Facebook Page and choose the right format from the start (so many people mess this  one up and you CAN’T change it afterward)
  • 6 tips to make your page standout from top brands
  • The BEST methods to promote your page and get thousands of fans!

It all starts with the right set up. So watch this video and you will be prepared to position your Page to promote your brand, grow your fans and your customers.


Social Media Training: Facebook Applications

Nov 16th, 2009No Comments


There is a reason why sometimes people jokingly refer to Facebook as “Crackbook”. It is so easy to go down the rabbit hole and get lost in the land of idle fun. But, you are here to MARKET, right? Well, then let’s take a look at some of the applications that others have created to market more efficiently. Save time and broadcast further with some tools that you can add to your profile and pages. This video is a must see if:

  • You want to learn how to use applications that promote your business
  • You want to enhance the experience of your leads, customers and community
  • You need to save time and be more effective

Moving people form friend to fans to customers can be time consuming and difficult without the help of some amazing applications that other marketers have developed to do just that. So take advantage of them and boost your Facebook marketing.


Social Media Training: Facebook Friends

Nov 14th, 20091 Comment


Why do friends matter on Facebook? Because they are your list and your link to a greater audience. With friends you share your content and see them promote it for you and pass it along. But before you start adding everyone as a friend you need to learn a few crucial pieces of information. (You don’t want to get banned do you?). This video is the key to:

  • Learning the right way to friend people to Facebook doesn’t ban your account
  • How to find the people who are interested in your business, book, or cause
  • Moving friends into lists to keep from spamming people

This is a great video for anyone who really wants to grow their presence on Facebook. Get started here.