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Social Media Training: The Social Media Revolution & How to Categorize and Engage on Web 2.0 Sites

Oct 27th, 2009No Comments

Social Media has proliferated through the creation and development of several kinds of platforms and networks. Some work well for your marketing and some will not. Many can be a great waste of your time. Do you know which ones are right for you? This video features:

  • The 5 kinds of platforms that you should be using
  • Which networks work best for your type of campaign
  • What you should be using these tools for to drive traffic and get leads in your sales funnel

Learn about the different platforms and decide which ones will work for you! Watch this video now.


Social Media Training: The Search for Truth & Why Your Tribe Will Come to You

Oct 27th, 2009No Comments

Everyday more people become members of social networks. It may surprise you to know that if Facebook were a country, it would be the 4th largest in the world. So that is a lot of people who you can target with your marketing. But that is the problem – people on social networks aren’t there to listen to your marketing; they are there to participate.

In fact, you could ruin your reputation or be blocked on the networks if you are considered to be spamming (and in the case of Facebook, that could be just because you tried to friend too many people in one day).

So instead of trying to get to them – get them to come to you!

But what will you do to get them to come to you? This video will feature:

  • How to define your customers secret motivation and tap it
  • Several examples of how to develop your SEO strategy
  • 3 ways the search engines to help you get leads, customers and fans

Leili McKinley will break down the new rules of tribalization and get you inside the head of your customer. Watch this video and learn how to get your customers to come to you.


Social Media Training: The Social Media Revolution and The Marketing Paradigm Shift

Oct 27th, 20092 Comments

Social media is not a passing fad. How your prospects and clients buy has radically changed. As a business leader or business professional, you need to understand, embrace and integrate social media into your sales and business approach.

You will learn how social media has grown from our cultural and sociological changes in to a new marketing paradigm. This video will feature:

  • The 3 keys to success in the new marketing paradigm and how they should guide your every move
  • What steps you need to take to respond to the shift in consumer empowerment to be prepared to market online
  • A thorough explanation of Tribal Market Theory and how the Power of The Tribe will affect your social media marketing

Listen as Leili McKinley takes you through the reasons why you need to get moving with social media NOW!

For a limited time, Get Started for just $0.99!


Social Media Training The Search for Truth & Why Does Effective Social Media Marketing Depend on Understanding SEO

Oct 27th, 2009No Comments

While you can participate in social media without understanding how Search Engine Optimization affects it, you CANNOT run a marketing campaign without knowing how the fundamentals of SEO will affect you what you do and HOW you SHOULD be doing it. This is where you can gain a huge competitive advantage, because I have never seen another Social Media training course teach this absolutely critical piece of strategy. (Perhaps it’s because it’s the piece that they don’t want you to know, so you will have to hire them to make your campaign work). This video features:

  • 7 ways to find and capitalize on your money making niche
  • What you should be looking for on every page of Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing
  • The keys to building a successful social community

Skip this video and proceed at your own peril.


Social Media Training: The Search for Truth & What Tools Will Bring Your Tribe to You?

Oct 27th, 2009No Comments

The right set of tools can unlock your Social Media  SEO treasure chest. What’s inside? Leads, of course. Thousands of people are searching for your knowledge about your product or service, but you better know how to share it so they can find you! You need to be using the tools that will help you get your tribe to come to you. Fortune 500 companies use these tools every day. So can you! They can speed up the rate of return on all your marketing efforts. Why not start getting paid back for all your efforts sooner, rather than later? This video features:

  • 10 steps to getting your keywords right
  • Best free and low cost tools reviewed
  • Examples and your own sample report for you to follow step by step so that you can create your own

Watch this video to find out what tools to use and which ones are worth the investment.


Social Media Training: The Search for Truth & Strategic Use of Content Sharing Sites

Oct 27th, 2009No Comments

Get started using one of the easiest and most effective social media strategies. Are you wondering how to use social media platforms creatively? How many ways can you build your brand? Learn how to direct and purpose content that develops your brand online and drives customers to you. Watching the examples, you will be inspired by several methods to use to instigate your marketing campaign right now. This video features:

  • Five different types of content to kick off your content sharing strategies
  • Learn 9 tactics to create demand by using content sharing sites
  • Cross-purposing content for greater reach

Watch, listen and learn as Leili McKinley takes you through the reasons why you need to get moving with social media NOW!


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