Visionary and Brand Consultant

Companies, entrepreneurs, team leaders, CEO’s and individuals benefit from clear direction. When you lead from a purpose-built platform of authenticity and integrity, you inspire those around you to be more productive, align with your leadership, and add their own energy to your combined mission.

Using the Identitype System, Leili envisions your influential leadership platform that can withstand criticism, help avoid failure and determine profitable decisions. We help you have a Brand that creates instant value, instead of indecision.

Do you need help:

Generating a branded product or service?
Finding you perfect client?
Languaging your value?
Building co-operative teams?
Finding everyone’s most effective inner leader?
Building productivity through an inspired workforce?
Creating a powerful and inspiring corporate brand, or personal brand?
Envisioning a business branding strategy and plan?

As a brand strategist and brand consultant, Leili can help you resolve these issues using her proprietary methodology. The Identitype System identifies your BEST brand strategy through a multilayered system of comprehensive testing using over 344 data points. You can find it here